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$BRUSH is an ecosystem token for mint, NFT trading and in-game earning and purchasing. You can also buy/sell it in the crypto markets.


General Description

$BRUSH is an ecosystem. This means that NFT projects can be included in the ecosystem when they meet certain conditions. Also this means NFT holders will enjoy many benefits as long as they have it.

NFT owners of partner NFT projects can get the $BRUSH token they deserve from our website without any gas fee, according to the project's participation agreement.

Partner Project

NFT projects can apply, reach a deal, join the #BRUSH ecosystem and become a partner project.

Projects deal in three ways, with a royalty rate of 1.25%, 2.5% and 3.75%, they must donate to the $BRUSH token ecosystem. In addition, after the Mint module is prepared, they need to transfer 5%, 7.5% and 10% of their NFT supply to the ecosystem for NFT mint with $BRUSH. If they cannot include their required NFTs in the ecosystem, they have to transfer their NFT price as $BRUSH for to the ecosystem instead of the NFTs.

Daily #BRUSH

Owners of partner project NFTs will receive $BRUSH tokens based on the deal and the rarity category of their NFT. The number of #BRUSH tokens that can be received per day is calculated by (deal multiplier x rarity multiplier).

However, $BRUSH tokens are not accumulating. Every day they have to go to our website and connect the wallet with their NFT and get their $BRUSH.

Deal Multiplier

The deal multiplier of 3, 2 and 1 is determined, respectively, with the highest agreement of the partner project NFTs.

Rarity Multiplier

By dividing the rarity rank into 5 equal places, NFTs with the highest rarity are assigned a rarity multiplier of 5 and at least 1 rarity multiplier.


The royalty amounts from partner project second market transactions accumulated in the $BRUSH wallet will be inserted as an order 1000 $BRUSH for 1 SOL on orderbook of market for liquidity. However, if there are not enough second market transaction and the royalty amounts as not accumulated as SOL, the market and the market will find its own price.

The $BRUSH tokens to be obtained from the sale of the $BRUSH token in the market with the sales order of orderbook created from the royalty income in the market will be put into the redistribution process in order not to increase the token inflation.


$BRUSH token will be mint on the 20th of each month, which will be needed for the next month distribution. This shows that $BRUSH is an inflationary token. In other words, $BRUSHes given to NFT holders every month, the amount of $BRUSH will increase faster as new projects are added to the ecosystem.

Mint NFT

Buyers mint (buy) each NFT in the mint module with their SOL equivalent $BRUSH. The mint price of project NFTs are calculated for 1000 $BRUSH = 1 SOL.

NFT Market

In our NFT market, NFTs can only be traded for $BRUSH + gas cost (SOL). No commission and $BRUSH deal royalty will be taken for NFT trade transaction. BTW Other royalties will transfer to seller wallet as $BRUSH.

$BRUSH Value

All this will increase the value of $BRUSH and keep the ecosystem running smoothly. Currently the price of $BRUSH is N/A $SOL.

Ecosystem Income

The income required for the operation of the ecosystem will be obtained from the mint of partner project NFTs and the $BRUSH tokens that NFT holders do not taken. All income is as $BRUSH tokens.

Total Minted $BRUSH

included in the ecosystem

are currently our partners



  • 1

    $BRUSH Created on Solana

    20 January, 2022

    Creating and registering $BRUSH on solana blockchain

  • 2

    Create $BRUSH Market

    6 February, 2022

    Creating a market for $BRUSH in DEXLAB

  • 2

    Claim $BRUSH

    27 February, 2022

    Distribution of $BRUSH to NFT owners of partner NFT projects

  • 3

    Mint NFT

    5 April, 2022

    Mint a portion of new partners' NFTs with $BRUSH

  • 4


    July, 2022

    Listing #BRUSH in one more market

  • 5

    Trade NFT

    August, 2022

    NFT market to trade with $BRUSH. Creation of NFT Market

  • 6


    September, 2022

    Listing #BRUSH in different markets


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Technology Consultant & Instructor, Author.